Missoula police responded to an apartment complex on Stephen’s Avenue at around 3:30 A.M. Saturday morning, July 14, after 911 dispatchers reported a disconnected emergency call from that area. The calls were from cell phones, so it was difficult to find out where they had come from, but an intuitive officer was able to follow some very loud clues.

"A responding officer was able to determine a specific apartment by following the sound of yelling," Welsh said. "Officers made contact at the the front door with a female and observed two males that were still inside the residence," Welsh said. "It appears that the female in the residence had a prior relationship with one of the two males who was apparently having trouble accepting it."

One of the males, 21-year-old Cody Wright had apparently attacked the couple, at one point throwing a fan and hitting the female in the leg. Officers were able to piece together what happened after interviews.

"On this particular occasion, the suspect came to her residence forced entry through a window in a bedroom in front of the female, grabbed her and threw her across the room and then threw her to the floor. The other male in the residence attempted to call 911 on his phone and, the report is, that Mr. Wright grabbed his phone and threw it as well."

Wright was held in jail over the weekend on a felony burglary charge, he was also accused of partner or family member assault and tampering with a communication device.

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