A 50 year-old Missoula man is in custody after allegedly driving drunk and crashing his vehicle while there was a baby inside.

Missoula Police spokesman Travis Welsh provided details about the arrest of Lynn Dickson who is facing his fourth or subsequent DUI charge, which makes it a felony.

“50 year old Lynn Dickson was arrested for DUI and criminal child endangerment after he received complaints of his driving behavior as well as being involved in a minor accident near the intersection of West Broadway and the North Reserve Street on an off ramp,” said Welsh.

Welsh said Dickson was not placed under arrest right away.

“Mr. Dixon's vehicle was located in the 2400 block of Leo, and he was seen entering an apartment there,” he said. “The officers attempted to make contact with him. Initially nobody came to the door however, eventually they were able to speak with Mr. Lynn Dickson inside the residence and determined that he had been the driver and also that he had been transporting an infant child at the time of the reports and at the time of the minor collision.”

He was charged with felony DUI and criminal child endangerment.

Dickson appeared in Missoula Justice Court before Justice of the Peace Alex Beal.


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