The Ravalli County Sheriff’s Office has identified the victim of a skiing accident last week at the Lost Trail Ski Resort as a Colorado man, 25 year-old William Benjamin Brown.

Sheriff Steve Holton reported that the victim was located last Friday after Brown did not return after his skiing trip.

An autopsy conducted by the Montana Department of Forensic Science determined that Brown died of hypothermia and that the manner of death was accidental. The Ravalli County and Lemhi County coroners were working together on the investigation into Brown’s death.

According to investigators, Brown left his skiing party and was skiing alone out of bounds on the Idaho side of the mountain. He was found by the Lost Trail Ski Patrol.

Authorities encourage those skiing to remain in bounds and to stay with their skiing party for safety.

Sheriff Holton thanked the Lost Trail Ski Patrol, Ravalli County Search and Rescue and Two Bear Air out of Whitefish for their assistance in the search.

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