The third suspect in the case in which over 20 pets were attacked with blow darts appeared in Missoula Justice Court on Wednesday afternoon. 

Tucker Parsons Miller appeared with his attorney before Acting Justice of the Peace Suzanne Geer. She read the charges that included felony animal cruelty and felony tampering with or destroying evidence.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Selene Koepke spoke for the State.

"Just as we have recommended in the other two cases, the State is recommending an 'O-R' release, or release on his own recognizance, with a book and release today," Koepke said. "As for conditions of release, we're recommending no weapons, no alcohol, bars or casinos, a mental health examination, no contact with the victims, human or animal, and no contact with the other two co-defendants."

The blow dart attacks began in October, and over 15 different individuals reported their pets had been attacked, and turned the blow darts over to Animal Control. One witness reported that someone purchased a blowgun and several darts at Sportsman's Warehouse. After viewing the surveillance video of the purchase at the store, it was determined that the individuals involved were Miller, Breeden and Barker.

Court records indicate the following:

"Breeden said that he and the others began to get nervous after the news of pets being darted began to spread on social media.  Breeden said he and Miller took the blowgun up into the mountains, destroyed it and buried beside a dirt road.  Later, Breeden led Detective David Walrod to the site where they buried the blowgun.  Walrod seized the blowgun that had been chopped into pieces."

This reporter was asked by Miller's attorney to not publish the video of his client's appearance, because some personal information could possibly be used to contact his client in order to harass or make threats against him. The attorney said all three of the defendants, Miller, Breeden and Barker had received abusive communications from various individuals, so much so, that he said legal action was being considered. KGVO News has reached out to the Missoula County Attorney's office to check on these claims. In fairness to the defendant, KGVO News did not use the video in this story.

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