You knew it was just a matter of time, but $5.00 per gallon for regular unleaded gas has officially arrived in Missoula.

KGVO News stopped by a local gas station early Friday morning and saw the sign that read ‘$4.999’ per gallon.

As if to clarify the point, one customer had pulled up to the pump and put exactly one gallon into their tank, and the price read exactly $5.00.

Credit: Peter Christian
Credit: Peter Christian

KGVO reached out to AAA Montana for a graph to emphasize how quickly the price has risen over recent weeks.

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The graph started one year ago when regular unleaded in Missoula averaged $2.95. One month ago (May 10) the price was $4.22. One week ago the average price was listed at $4.53. The ‘current day’ price on the AAA website was at $4.83.

Then, the price at this local station was listed at $4.999 per gallon.

According to AAA, one year ago the price mid-grade gas was $3.22, for premium it was $3.46 and for diesel the price was $3.18 per gallon.

In my last conversation with Patrick DeHaan with the website Gas Buddy, the price for gas and diesel will continue to rise with no end in sight, heavily contributing to inflation for all Montanans.

Keeping in mind that diesel fueled trucks transport our food, fuel and thousands of other consumer goods, those prices will also continue to rise exponentially.

In conversations on Friday with both Governor Gianforte and Republican Congressional candidate Ryan Zinke, they both maintained that only a rapid resumption in U.S. oil, gas and diesel fuel production will begin to bring down the price of fuel for Montanans.

Yes, $5.00 per gallon gas has arrived in Missoula.

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