Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst says there are some disturbing trends when it comes to crimes against children in Missoula. Pabst says the number of child abuse and neglect cases is already double what it was last year. Here are some of the cases the county attorney’s office dealt with just during the first week of August.

"Folks left two small children in their car at Town Pump in Bonner for several hours aftermidnight," Pabst said. "There’s another woman alleged to have driven intoxicated with her small children in her car. There are some kids that were left at the river with the parents so intoxicated they didn’t know where they were."

Children were also involved in a significant number of domestic abuse cases.

"We've just seen this huge spike in domestic violence cases," Pabst said. "Lots more stocking type cases with some pretty average behavior. I can tell you the numbers have grown exponentially in the last couple of months involving domestic situations that have involved into serious felonies either assault with a weapon or attempt of homicide."

When asked if there was anything that seemed to be driving the increase of child abuse and neglect cases Pabst pointed to the increased use of methamphetamine in Missoula.


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