Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - A press release from the FBI’s Salt Lake City Field Office notified KGVO News that on Wednesday, September 27, they were made aware of what appeared to be human remains on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

Spokesperson Sandra Yi Barker wrote that law enforcement personnel have secured the scene. In addition, the FBI’s Salt Lake City Evidence Response Team has been deployed to recover the remains and process the location where they were found.

The FBI is Working with other Law Enforcement Agencies at the Scene

Barker wrote that the FBI is currently working together with Blackfeet Law Enforcement Services, along with other law enforcement partners in the area.

Concerned citizens of the Blackfeet Nation recently built a website called MMIP Montana, stating that ‘Collecting accurate data about Missing Persons in Indian Country is the only way we can begin to combat the Missing & Murdered issue plaguing Native Communities in North America.’

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The Blackfeet Nation Recently Built a Website called MMIP Montana

The site states that 'there are more than 1,115 Native American tribes in the U.S. and Canada, with eight tribal nations located here in Montana'.

The site also states that '84 percent of Indigenous women have experienced physical violence in their lifetime, and that Native Americans are four times more likely to go missing in the State of Montana'.

Recently in western Montana, the issue of another missing Native American woman, Jermain Charlo, returned to the spotlight after the conviction on federal firearms charges of a man who had been convicted of Partner or Family Member Assault on Charlo, and that she is still missing after several years of searching by Missoula Police Detective Guy Baker and numerous other law enforcement personnel, in addition to Charlo’s family.

A Missoula Police Detective is asking for Information on the Missing Jermain Charlo

Baker recently told KGVO News that ‘Someone knows what happened to Jermain Charlo. People don't disappear, usually, in circumstances like this without someone knowing something, so I really encourage anyone who has any information to come forward. Even something that a person might have thought was insignificant at the time. That could be the piece of the puzzle that would help break a case. So if anyone knows anything about Jermain or what happened to her, please give me a call 406-396-3217 or call your local law enforcement agency if you're not in the Missoula area.’

Get more details on the issue of missing and murdered indigenous persons by clicking here.

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