Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - The Missoula Police Department’s Crisis Negotiation Team just secured second place in a highly competitive event in Boise, Idaho. Following a late-night call-out for a barricaded suspect incident, the Missoula CNT arrived in Boise with minimal rest.

However, the Missoula CNT still showcased its exceptional skills and determination at the Western States Hostage Negotiators Association (WSHNA) competition. This was the first time the Missoula CNT participated in the competition and they faced off against seasoned teams from around the Pacific Northwest. 

“Given that many of the teams participating have competed in the past, and also that several come from large agencies with a very busy team activation history, it is particularly impressive that Missoula Police Department's team took second place overall, this being their first time in a negotiation competition,” said Troy King, senior instructor for Crisis Systems Management. 

King organized the competition and said the Missoula CNT was very well put together. 

“They were very calm under the pressure of this intense exercise, they made decisions as a team, organized the intelligence they were gathering thoughtfully, and kept both incident commanders and the tactical components well apprised of major developments during the standoff,” King said. “Coming to an event of this type competing with teams of this caliber and taking home a trophy as a first-time competing team is an impressive accomplishment, and the citizens of Missoula should be proud of the work their team is doing.”  

The 10-hour competition assessed teams across various criteria, including communication, intelligence gathering, rapport-building, and resolution outcomes. The Missoula CNT earned perfect scores in two categories, which King said is a rare achievement for a first-time competitor. 

"We are incredibly proud of our team's performance," said Jake Rosling, Assistant Chief of the Missoula Police Department. "Their dedication to excellence and unwavering dedication to serving our community were on full display throughout the competition. This accomplishment reflects their hard work and the outstanding training provided by our department." 

The team members who participated in the competition included Det. Ethan Smith, Sgt. Ryan Kamura, Sgt. Meagan Bilbrey, Training Officer Becky Potton, Officer Adam Bloomdahl, and Det. Joe Burger who served as the lead negotiator. 

The Missoula CNT extends its gratitude to the citizens of Missoula for their ongoing support and encouragement. 

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