When the stars of the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” publicly addressed Vice President Elect Mike Pence, it caused a bit of a backlash that spread all the way to Montana. Denise Rose is the Executive Director of the Hamilton Players from the small town of Hamilton (around 4,500 people). She says her phone was beeping like crazy on November 18th after the Twitter war began.

"The following morning my cell phone went crazy," Rose said. "When I looked, I had been receiving twitter mentions because I run our social media accounts, regarding some pretty intense negativity about the Mike Pence situation; calling us racists telling us we were disrespectful and rude, that we should be boycotted. They were using the hashtag @hamiltonplayers. @hamiltonsplayers is a moniker for a small community theater here in Hamilton, Montana."

Rose says they reached out to Lin-Manuel Miranda and to the actors in “Hamilton” on Twitter but didn’t receive any response. She also tried to combat the Twitter storm head-on.

"Everybody I contacted... everybody who left a negative response to us that I got an alert for via Twitter or Facebook.. I did contact personally," Rose said. "I would say all but one, that I know of, apologized and removed their post or posted something positive apologizing and saying, 'Oh we were wrong, this this is not them, we support these guys they're great.'"

Rose says tweets were still flowing in on the issue after December rolled around. She’s advising everyone to come and see the actual Hamilton Players perform Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol” on December 17th. Everyone, including presidential and vice-presidential candidates, is invited.

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