The Glacier Youth Corps has a new opportunity for teens between the ages of 15 - 17 that are interested in working at Glacier National Park over the summer.

"Basically what it is, is a four week session, and we're going to have two different sessions this summer," said GNP Management Assistant Denise Germann. "They will basically be living in the park, camping in the park and working in the park. They'll be doing everything from trail maintenance, to habitat restoration, re-vegetation, maybe some fencing, and, at the same time, learning about our natural world."

Germann said the program includes a $200 stipend and is a great way to get teens off the couch and prepared for the workforce.

"It's a really unique opportunity, specifically for those youth 15 to 17," Germann said. "I know I've got teenage boys right now, that are just trying to get something on their resume, some work experience. The other fine thing about this is getting some of that volunteerism in, you know, giving something back. "

Applicants need to go to the Montana Conservation corps website, which is, and request to be an Expedition Member of the Glacier Youth Corps.