A special pheasant and waterfowl hunt for youth in Montana will be held later this month. Fish, Wildlife and Parks Education and Program Manager Vivaca Crowser explains.

“The last weekend in September, the 25th and 26th, young hunters have a chance to hunt waterfowl and pheasants ahead of the general opener,” Crowser said. “If you’re a licensed hunter that is 15-years-old or younger, you get a chance to get out there and hunt birds without a lot of other company. You also get a chance for some extra experience.”

Crowser describes what youth hunters will need to have for the special hunt.

“If you are heading out on the hunt, you want to make sure that you have the proper hunter education requirements,” Crowser said. “That would mean that you need to have either taken or been certified in a hunter education class, or you are licensed as an apprentice hunter. You can be an apprentice hunter for two seasons. If you are still eligible, this is a great opportunity. You just have to have that license, all the paperwork done, and a mentor with you. You have to be with a non-hunting adult who is there as the supervisor of the youth hunters.”

Crowser provided more information about hunter’s safety course for youth in the area.

“You can pretty much take hunter education anytime,” Crowser said. “It just depends on what format you’re looking for. There is an online opportunity that is available to hunters year-round. You can also attend an in-person field course to get more hands-on experience. Look for that information on our website. We do have a couple in-person courses still offered between now and hunting season in western Montana. Those class options and registration details are also on the FWP website.”

According to Crowser, hunter education is vital for the safety of everyone in a hunting party.

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