Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is opening up a bunch of Fishing Access Sites on local rivers this week which had been closed due to flooding, but even though they may be open, FWP spokeswoman Vivaca Crowser says many won’t look the same.

"I don't think we quite have a handle yet on the extent of the infrastructure that was damaged, but, just anecdotally, for example, I was looking at pictures of the Johnsrud Fishing access site on the Lower Blackfoot and the signs right by the boat launch, there were three or so signs and  they are all gone, they were swept down river, and we know their is going to be more of that."

Some spots are still closed to vehicle traffic because of flooding or debris, though the public is allowed to walk-in, FASs with walk-in only access include: Blackfoot River (Monture and Harry Morgan); Bitterroot River (Bell Crossing); Clark Fork River (Sha-Ron and Kelly Island’s Mullan Road access).

A section of the Clark Fork River is still closed between Reserve Street and the upstream boundary of the Kelly Island Fishing Access Site because a power line is still stuck in the river, apparently the water is still too dangerous to get the power line out.

Although the rivers are mostly open, Crowser warns that they are still very dangerous and the fishing isn’t any good yet.

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