The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation are proposing selling land to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. FWP Information and Education Program Manager Vivaca Crowser explains.

“What Fish, Wildlife and Parks as well as DNRC is looking at, is the potential for DNRC to sell some lands that are located within the Spotted Dog Wildlife Management Area, which Fish, Wildlife and Parks manages,” said Crowser. “There is some DNRC state land within the boundary of that wildlife management area.”

Crowser says under the current proposal, FWP would purchase approximately 10,100 acres of DNRC land that is located within the Spotted Dog area.

“What that would do then is give opportunity to DNRC to look at purchasing lands outside the WMA in a spot where they might be able to get some lands that provide new recreation access,” Crowser said. “This is the next step in looking at the long term management of that area and thinking about consolidating the land ownership within the boundaries.”

According to Crowser, FWP and DNRC are seeking public comment to help make a decision on this proposal.

An opportunity to submit online comments can be found right here. All comments must be received by FWP or DNRC by Monday, August 14, 2017 at 5p.m.

Comments can also be emailed to FWP’s Sharon Rose at or emailed to DNRC’s Bob Storer at

Questions pertaining to the proposal should be directed to FWP’s Julie Golla at 406-381-1268 /; or to DNRC’s Brian Robbins at 406-563-6078 /

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