Data breaches are becoming more and more common, and Montana Attorney General Tim Fox is asking Congress not to preempt state data breach and data security laws.

“We just became aware of a new bill call the Data Acquisition and Technology Accountability and Security Act,” Fox began. “It was drafted by two Congressmen, one Republican and one Democrat recently. Unfortunately, this bill seeks to prevent state consumer protection officers like me from addressing data breaches here in our state. The bill would establish a national system of reporting, which I can tell you is inadequate, because it first allows the entity that’s been breached to determine internally whether they think they ought to report. When that happens, we can’t inform our constituents or their customers, who then cannot take appropriate and timely steps to protect their personal information.”

Fox says the bill is misguided and keeps the states out of the information loop.

“I’ve joined 31 other states attorneys general in sending a letter to Congress objecting to the bill as a whole, and encouraging them not to pass it.”

Fox encourages readers of this website and listeners to our radio stations to contact their Congressional delegation to oppose this law.


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