The Missoula County Sheriff’s Office reported ion Tuesday that another inmate has tested positive for COVID 19.

Public Information Officer Jeannette Smith provides the details.

“The Missoula County Detention Facility stringently adheres to CDC guidelines for the health and safety of the public staff and other inmates following pre established screening and health assessment during booking,” said Smith. “The Missoula detention facility staff isolated and tested an individual who identified themselves as previously testing positive for COVID-19. The test results confirm the isolated inmate is positive for COVID-19.”

Smith said this is not the first inmate to have tested positive for the COVID 19 virus.

“This is the fourth positive case that has been identified during booking at the Missoula County Detention Facility,” she said.  “The inmate will remain isolated in the detention facility monitored closely monitored closely and treated by detention center nursing staff. When the inmate has been cleared by a public health nurse, the inmate will no longer be in isolation.”

Smith expressed gratitude to all those individuals and agencies who are working to keep the inmates and staff at the jail safe.

“The Missoula County Sheriff's Office is grateful for the cooperation and ongoing effort by all law enforcement agencies and the City County Health Department and enforcement of COVID-19 measures at the detention facility,” she said.

The Detention Facility currently houses 162 Missoula County inmates.

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