The dense fog that’s been covering Missoula for the past few days may be leaving soon. National Weather Service Meteorologist Jennifer Kitsmiller said a new weather system may start pushing the fog away today.

"What we are looking at is we're going to have a weather system that starts moving in," Kitsmiller said. "It's looking like that should start increasing winds which tends to mix some of that fog and low cloud out. We're hoping our amount of fog will be really dissipating quite a bit."

Kitsmiller said the fog has been showing up a little bit later every morning.

"That's going to be more and more true as we move into Thursday and especially Friday that we'll see less and less of that fog around," Kitsmiller said. "So I can't rule it out completely, but I think we're going to continue to see that trend of improvement like we've seen over the last few days."

The incoming weather system is supposed to warm things up for a bit and then turn colder over the weekend.

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