Fletcher Thomas Nichols arrived to greet the world at 1:41 a.m. on Wednesday, January 1, the first child born in Missoula in 2014 at Community Medical Center.

His parents, Kristen and Chris Nichols, welcomed their first child after 22 hours of labor.

"We always thought the baby was coming early," said new mother Kristen Nichols. "On Monday, I went and had my teeth cleaned, and I don't know if the acupressure during the treatment made any difference, but then I ate a bunch of pineapple and my dog and I went on a really long walk. Then we had some spicy burritos for dinner, and I guess all those things together made the difference. I went into labor at about 3 a.m. on New Year's Eve, and he arrived 22 hours later at 1:41."

Kristen Nichols said on Wednesday morning that she was tired, but very happy. She, her husband and her parents, Ken and Sherry Hagen, were all together in Kristen's room at Community Medical Center, where Public Relations Coordinator Robin O'Day presented the young parents with a gift basket from the hospital.

"Our nurses and doctors are incredible," O'Day said. "There are about 1,600 babies born every year here at Community Medical Center. Our slogan is "From Day One", because we welcome so many new babies into the world, something we love to do. And, in case it's needed, we have a neonatal care unit, as well. The first new baby of the year is always special because it's a sign of hope and well being, and we're just elated."

Public Relations Coordinator Robin O'Day