2016 hunting and fishing licenses went on sale today, February 1, and many hunters and anglers were surprised to find that prices have gone up since last year. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Public Information Officer Vivica Crowser explains.

"This year, what you will see when you go to buy your 2016 hunting license is that there is a new base hunting license that you have to purchase as a prerequisite to buying any state hunting license and the cost for that base license is $10. Built in to that base license cost is the hunting access fee."

The hunting access fee is not new, so, overall, hunters will pay eight dollars more than last year, anglers get off the hook with a little less sting.

For fishing, the increase is $3, the only change there, is that the fishing license will no longer be sold in combination with the conservation license as they have for years and years, they just separated them out."

The license fees were hiked after a decision by the Montana State Legislature in order to help balance the books at Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.