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Halloween's on a Thursday this year, and that means we're celebrating it all week long! Parties this weekend, parties next weekend, and parties in between. And not to mention, the candy and the costumes and just generally a bunch of fun, spooky times.

Here's a few items you may need to have a successful Halloween in Missoula.

1. Trick or Treat Bags

Have you tried trick or treating without them? It's impossible! What, are you gonna carry your candy around in your arms? You'll lose it! Get some bags to enhance your candy haul.


2. Halloween Candy

Of course, maybe you're on the flip side of things and you're the one passing out candy. Then, you're gonna need candy! Specifically, Reese's, Kit Kat Bars, and Hershey Bars, because those are the best candies and no one can dispute this.


3. Pumpkin Carving Kit

Planning on making a jack o'lantern? Because you'll need the tools to do it!


4. Giant Spider Decoration

What, are you gonna NOT have a giant spider at your house on Halloween? Do you even Halloween, bro?


5. Light-Up Shoelaces

Great if you're at a party, and great if you want to make sure people can see your kid while they're walking in the dark trick-or-treating. Pretty much just all-purpose, we should all be wearing these all the time.