Almost no one felt it, but Montana had a fairly strong Earthquake yesterday morning according to seismologist Michael Stickney, Director of Earthquake Studies at the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology.

"There was a magnitude 4.3 earthquake at 6:14 this morning, and it was centered down near the Centennial Valley, west of Hebgen Lake over in the Southern Gravelly Mountains," Stickney said. "The epicenter is in a very remote area as far as homes or buildings are concerned."

The earthquake hit from West Yellowstone down to Idaho, but only a handful of reports came in.

"It wasn't quite big enough, where it would be of the size where we would expect damage," Stickney Said. "The only felt report that I've gotten is from a resident in the southern Madison Valley where a person there said he could feel it fairly strongly. I see on the USGS website that only three people in the Southern Madison Valley have reported feeling it."

According to the Associated Press, the earthquake woke up a startled employee at Henry’s Lake State Park in Idaho, who awoke thinking a bear was shaking his cabin.

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