The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology are reporting that one earthquake and one aftershock occurred recently in western Montana. Director of Earthquake Studies and Geologist Mike Stickney explains.

“There was a small earthquake near Four Corners west of Bozeman on the 6th of November, a 3.2 earthquake,” said Stickney. We had another aftershock from the Lincoln earthquake at 7:08 Tuesday morning.”

According to Stickney, earthquakes of this magnitude may or may not be detected by people and are too small to cause any sort of damage.

“On a typical year, there are on the order of a dozen earthquakes that are large enough to feel in western Montana,” Stickney said. “This year has been quite prolific given the large earthquake last July near Lincoln. It had numerous aftershocks that were big enough to be felt. We live here in western Montana on a seismically active belt and felt earthquakes are not at all rare.”

Stickney says aftershocks from the Lincoln earthquake have slowed down, but there are still small ones every day and he expects more in the future.

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