UPDATE; 8:00 a.m. KGVO News spoke with Earthquake Studies Director Mike Stickney at the Bureau of Mines and Geology in Butte about Thursday morning's 5.8 magnitude earthquake. Following is that interview in its entirety.

UPDATE; 1:30 A.M.

The USGS confirms a 5.8 quake centered near Lincoln. No damage reported, but thousands felt the tremor throughout western Montana, Idaho and as far west as Colville, Wa. Again, please do NOT call 9-1-1 unless there is damage or injury!!

Unofficial reports are saying that an earthquake rattled western Montana just after midnight near Lincoln, and was felt in Corvallis and in Missoula.

A call to the National Weather Service resulted in the meteorologist on duty confirming that he felt it as well, and has contacted the USGS, but no official results just yet.

KGVO is receiving reports that a 2.3 magnitude quake shook the area around Lincoln on Wednesday, and a 5.1 was reported in the same area this morning.

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