Who is this man?

photo courtesy of Steve F.

Some say he is a refugee from the 1970's, while others speculate that though he may be strangely attired, he poses no current threat to the community

A look into his secret dossier, obtained from an agency with an alphabet title, says he started his life outside the boundaries of the continental United States, Hawaii to be exact, sometime in the 1950's,(this fact is eerily similar to another famous American) and spent a great deal of his childhood on U.S. Marine bases.

Later, the man migrated to Helena, where it was widely rumored that he played drums in a minor musical group called 'The Dark Side', this long before Star Wars made that expression more sinister.

According to the dossier, he stayed with the music business as a radio DJ, despite the objections of his parents, both veterans of the U.S. Marine Corps, and is now working under cover as a mild-mannered reporter for a Western Montana news outlet.

If you recognize this man, do not approach him with disparaging comments regarding the somewhat scraggly beard he sported at the time this photo was taken, obviously by a 1970's spy satellite, as he is very self-conscious about his present lack of hair.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it... is to identify this man to the proper authorities, so he can receive the psychiatric care he so desperately needs.

Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.