Game wardens are seeking information about a strange poaching incident that was discovered in Stevensville last Friday, December 12.

"There was a mule deer that was poached in Stevensville last week," said Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokeswoman Vivica Crowser. "It was found near the railroad tracks behind the Stevensville School and we are hoping to get some tips that can help us solve this case."

Like many poaching incidents, the animal’s antlers were taken and the meat was left, but for some unknown reason, the poacher also took the time to cut open the deer and remove the entrails.

"The local game warden responded, collected all evidence and information that they could from the scene," Croser said. "We do have some information to go off of, but we are looking for additional information from callers to help put the other pieces into place."

Anyone with information about this case is advised to call 1 800 TIP MONT, That’s 1 800 847-6668.