Dandelions are springing up all over Missoula, taking advantage of the wet weather and thriving. Weed District Coordinator Bryce Christiaens hopes people remember what their yard looks like now, so they can manage the situation better next year.

"The weeds that we are seeing right now are ones that take advantage of these cooler, wet temperatures and dandelions are a prime example of that. It gets a little difficult to control them in the spring, when we are seeing them since they do take advantage of those wet cool temperatures, fall is actually one of the best times to control the weeds that we are seeing now unfortunately."

Other weeds like mustards, and burr-buttercup are springing up right now too. Though the fight against dandelions may feel like an uphill battle, spring is the perfect time to get out and destroy some of Montana’s most noxious weeds.

"People are calling in, remembering that last summer they had spotted knapweed or leafy spurge, or some of our other, really bad noxious weeds. It's important to remember to catch those things early, before they are flowing. Most of the tools and techniques to remove them  are more effective prior to flower, because the plant will kind of shut down and not absorb herbicides as much, once they are flowering."

Christiaens says knowledge of both weeds and local grasses is a key ingredient to winning the war on weeds. For dandelions, one suggested technique is to fertilize desired plants while simultaneously using herbicide on weeds.

For more information on Missoula Weeds and how to combat them, visit the Missoula County Weed District.

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