In a hastily called press conference on Monday, Montana Senator Steve Daines relayed the news that his personal call to President Donald Trump saved the Anaconda Job Corps Center from closing.

“When the announcement came out 10 days ago that the Anaconda Job Corps would be closing, we got to work to make sure that wouldn’t happen,” said Daines. “I spoke to (Agriculture) Secretary Perdue and (Labor) Secretary Acosta several times but this Saturday, just three days ago, I decided to elevate this to the very top, so I called President Trump, and because of that call, I wanted to share the news with you that President Trump has decided to overrule the decision to close the Anaconda Job Corps Center, so it will remain open, and it will also remain a Civilian Conservation Corps site.”

Daines related the reaction when he called the Anaconda Job Corps office with the news.

“I can tell you that when I shared the news just a few minutes ago with the Job Corps team in Anaconda, and there were about 25 people in the room, including Bill Everett, and there were literally some tears shed and there was cheering. There are over 250 jobs that have been saved due to the President’s decision.”

Daines said the decision is a ‘big win for jobs and a big win for Montana’.

According to a pres release from Senator Daines:

‘The site provides high-paying jobs for Montanans – the average salaries at the Anaconda training site are $37,000 – $97,000

This site spurs $8 million dollars yearly into Anaconda, MT economy.

Last month, the USDA ranked the Anaconda training site 8th out of 126 sites.

The Anaconda site was also ranked #2 of all Forest Service Centers.

In 2017, the site provided 40,000 man-hours of fighting wildfires. 120 of their 170 students were out on the fire lines.’

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