There are some big changes for Montana taxpayers this year: not only was the federal tax system overhauled recently, but there have been some modifications at the Montana Department of Revenue too. Public Information Officer Mary Ann Dunwell, says a new website for tax filings will be up and running next week.

"This 2018 state income tax filing season the Montana Department of Revenue is able to offer some new and improved online options," Dunwell said. "We have a new website that we are going to launch on Tuesday, January 16 and it will be a lot easier for folks to use and find what they are looking for."

It’s out with the old and in with the new at the Department of Revenue as paper copies of tax booklets get the axe.

"You've probably heard about the state budget cuts and required reductions in services. If we don't have the money, we have to pick and choose what services we can offer. We have had to make the decision that we are not going to be printing hard copies of the tax booklets this season, that will actually save us about $60,000."

If you still want to do your taxes on paper, Dunwell says you can still print out the files and send them in, or call the Department of Revenue and they can print up a copy and mail it to you. Though $60,000 may sound like a lot, Dunwell says it’s a "drop in the bucket" compared to the millions of dollars in cuts the Department of Revenue is facing.

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