The budget deal passed by Congress last Friday and signed into law by President Donald Trump is causing a bit of a stir at the Montana Department of Revenue. According to Department of Revenue Spokeswoman Mary Anne Dunwell, about 90,000 people had already filed their Montana State Income Taxes before two major changes.

“What this means is that if you have, in the past, claimed the tuition and fees deduction and/or the qualified mortgage insurance premium deduction, that you can claim them again, this tax season,” Dunwell said. “These deductions had sunset, but what the congress did late last week was they put these deductions back in.”

It’s about a third of the way through tax season and Dunwell, says they are working to make sure Montanans can use the extended deductions.

“If you’re in a small group of folks who typically claim these two deductions, what you’ll want to do is file an amended return,” Dunwell said. “Right now, the Department of Revenue is working on fixing that form… that tax return, so that you can file that amended return. If you use software, software companies are also busily working to update their products.”

Dunwell says the average tuition and fees deduction in Montana is about $145 while the average mortgage deduction is about $84.

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