Missoula City County COVID 19 Incident Commander Cindy Farr was scrambling on Friday to clarify a misunderstanding regarding social distancing outdoors as compared to indoors.

Evidently a published article inferred that Farr was recommending that people recreating outside keep a great distance between themselves and the person in front of them, when she only meant that social distancing is more difficult to judge outdoors.

“What we’re trying to do is work with Parks and Recreation, Run Wild Missoula and some of our other recreational groups to make sure that they understand that sometimes that CDC recommendation came out of being six feet away from each other in order to reduce the spread, that was meant for an indoor setting,” she said. “There’s still so much that we don’t know about this virus. If you’re running behind somebody and they sneeze and you run right into it does that cause you to contract it if they have it.”

Farr said outdoor social distancing would necessarily be different that indoors.

“We are just trying to let people know that the six foot recommendation was really meant for indoors, and it would be prudent to just give people a little more space if you’re outdoors running or cycling,” she said.
Farr also wanted to remind residents that the new drive through clinic at the fairgrounds has made some important improvements.

“Anyone in Missoula County who is having symptoms that are consistent with COVID 19 including cough, fever or shortness of breath and that is new this week, so we have been trying to get the word out that people can call 258-INFO, that’s 258-4636, plus the number ‘2’ and that can get you to the people that can make you an appointment.”

Farr produces a new video daily that can be seen on the Missoula Health Department’s You Tube channel.



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