34 year-old Patrick Doran and 35 year-old Megan Collins were both arrested on Wednesday and charged with felony theft and burglary.

According to court documents, both Doran and Collins broke into storage units and stole several items, including computers and a Honda generator. The items were taken to a motel room and stored until they could be pawned. Both Doran and Collins were also charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs.

Patrick Doran

At their justice court appearance yesterday, Deputy Missoula County Attorney Brittany Santorno asked Judge Marie Anderson for $15,000 bail for both individuals.

"In a quick look through this defendant's criminal history, she has at least two failures to appear, and her criminal record is 18 pages long," Santorno said of Collins.

For Doran, Santorno said he also has a lengthy criminal history.

"This defendant's criminal history is 24 pages long, and is mostly made up of DUI, alcohol and drug-based offenses, and for both defendants, there should be drug monitoring as well," she said.

Judge Anderson set bail for each defendant at $10,000, and remanded them back to the Missoula County Jail.