Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On May 10, 2023, a Missoula Police Department Officer responded to a parking lot in the 2600 block of N. Reserve for a welfare check. A concerned citizen called to say that an individual was in the driver’s seat of a blue Mercury Mountaineer and appeared to be “taking hits” off of a pipe. The concerned citizen said the individual appeared to be passing out and kept hitting their head on the steering wheel. 

An officer arrived on scene and observed a female exit the vehicle. He noted the female seemed a bit disoriented. He approached the female, who was later identified as 29-year-old Cheyenne Axtell. The officer introduced himself and asked Axtell if she was ok. Axtell stated she had a rough night and had fallen asleep. 

According to court documents, Axtell denied that she had been smoking in the vehicle. The officer utilized his flashlight to expose Axtell’s pupils to light to look for a reaction, noting little to no reaction, which was indicative of the use of narcotic analgesics or opiates.  

The officer asked Axtell if she had used drugs in the past and she stated she had used meth and fentanyl. Axtell then admitted to using fentanyl thirty minutes prior. The officer asked if she had used in the seat of her car and Axtell said yes. The officer told Axtell she was not free to leave and advised her of her Miranda rights.  

The officer asked Axtell if she had anything in her bag that was illegal. Axtell nodded and said “yeah.” When asked what was in her bag, Axtell stated she had three fentanyl pills in her wallet. When asked if there was any other fentanyl in her vehicle, Axtell stated there was a piece of tin foil and a tooter.  

At this time, Axtell stated she was on probation, which was later confirmed by an officer. However, the on-call probation officer stated Axtell was no longer being supervised by Montana due to an interstate compact agreement. 

Axtell gave the officer permission to retrieve the three fentanyl pills from her wallet and to search her vehicle. The officer removed three “M30” pills from Axtell’s wallet and found a tooter straw and foul in a side pocket. 

Additionally, during the search of Axtell’s car, the officer found three pills, one of which was marked “teva” on one side and “832” on the other. Court documents indicate this was consistent with the markings on clonazepam, a schedule 4 controlled substance. 

Axtell is currently being charged with felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs.  

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.

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