Some fireworks ARE legal within the Missoula city limits, but not many. 

The City of Missoula enacted a fireworks ban several years ago, but in 2014, made allowances for some smaller fireworks to be allowed. City Fire Inspector Adam Sebastian said on Friday that all fireworks stands must be outside the city limits.

"Everyone assumes that the Pink Grizzly fireworks stand is in the city, but it's not, it's in the county," Sebastian said. "The only place you can buy fireworks is outside the city limits. Last year the Missoula City Council started allowing some novelty fireworks in the city limits, and those include party poppers, snappers, toy smoke devices, snakes and glow worms, sparklers, dipping sticks and stuff like that."

Anything that is aerial in nature is not allowed within the city limits, and could bring a visit from fire and police officials.

"We have the ability to fine people, but we'd rather not do that," he said. "We'd rather just stop by and provide some education about the danger of using fireworks. We do have specific patrols set up on July 3rd and 4th, so we'll have both the police and fire departments in dedicated units patrolling the city and looking for specific cases dealing with fireworks."

Emergency restrictions have been instituted by Missoula County officials

Missoula County Commissioners do not have the power to close down legal fireworks stands. That order must come from Missoula County Emergency Services and only after a Stage 2 emergency is declared.

Sebastian said there will be a dedicated phone number open only on July 3rd and 4th to report fireworks violations, 258-4850.