Four children ranging in age from 11 years to seven months were removed by the Missoula County Sheriff's Office from a home in Missoula County on Monday because their parents were suspected by Child and Family Services of drug use.

Undersheriff Jason Johnson said the Sheriff's Office was called in to investigate the circumstances related to the welfare of the four children.

"They had called for assistance in removing these children based on some investigative work they were doing with this family," Johnson said. "For that reason we're not able to discuss the narcotics investigation, however, I can tell you there were four children removed from the home., and it was drug-related."

Johnson said the children had all been tested for exposure to illegal drugs.

"Of the four children, there was an 11 year-old, and eight year-old, a seven year-old and a seven month-old infant," he said. "All the children have been tested and three of the four tested positive for narcotics, and we're still waiting for results from the fourth child."

Johnson said the investigation is just beginning, so no charges have yet been filed against the parents. Child and Family Services would not release any information as to the condition of the children, or where they were being cared for during the investigation. No names have yet been released.

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