Caras Park hosts so many events and provides so much entertainment already. Farmer's markets every Saturday during summer, Downtown Tonight and Out to Lunch events, Pet Fest, Roots Family Fun Fest, Germanfest (hey that's today!) and concerts.

Not to mention the Caras Park Carousel which is a staple downtown.

Like any entertainment hub, it needs renovations and updates to keep it up to par for all the foot traffic. Back in April, the Missoula Current reported a Caras Park restoration would ensue this summer and fall. The Missoula centerpiece received a grant worth over 100 thousand dollars courtesy of the Montana Department of Transportation and Northwestern Energy to work on the Beartracks Bridge underbelly.

I'm sure there are other improvements being made. Probably some that are more worthy and impactful for the upkeep of Caras Park, but I found my favorite addition....


Downtown: Better use of $$
byu/Old_Guy127 inmissoula

Let's go! As a one-time ping-pong international tournament champion (this is true... I won a 16-person ping-pong tournament in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico as a wee lad when my family was on vacation) AND a high school gym class ping-pong victor, I am all for public ping-pong tables.

The user who posted this, u/Old_guy127, titled the post "Downtown: Better Use of $$." Is this user saying Missoula should've used the money for something better or are they saying it's a great use? Because the answer is the latter. We should have spent more money on more tables if you ask me.

A user, u/MontanaTillIDie said "I think they're sweet and look forward to playing some ping pong.

Absolutely! I love that energy, MontanaTillIDie. I'll see you down there, alright?

A user, u/F4lc3n, also said "Free place to play beer pong?"

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Hey, whatever floats your boat... although make sure you find a ride and make sure you don't get a public indecency charge, OK?


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