Photo Courtesy of Missoula County Inmate Information Potal
Photo Courtesy of Missoula Inmate Information Portal

Two males sleeping in a public park were taken into custody after officers found them to be in possession of stolen property. Public information Officer Travis Welsh has more details.

"Last night officers encountered 33-year-old  Kewan Freeman and 18-year-old Kyle Johnson in a local park," Welsh said. "They were in fact sleeping and when officers made contact with them through their initial investigation they observed the two males to be in possession of property that had been reported stolen in recent burglaries."

Welsh says this was not the duos first robbery.

"They may have been connected to at least  two if not three possible cases," Welsh said. "The property that was recovered in this initial contact appears to be electronic equipment, camera gear that sort of thing. They have since been charged with the offences of burglary."

Police have not revealed how many burglaries may be tied to the two suspects, both Johnson and Freeman were placed in jail on $100,000 bond.