In an office papered over with Democratic campaign posters, the leader of the state party, Governor Steve Bullock, met with volunteers to give them a pep talk with just three months before the general election.

photo by Peter Christian
Bullock campaign

"This is the home where my campaign will be, as well as Superintendent Juneau's, our state legislators, and it's your work that's going to make the difference on election day, just 119 days away," Bullock said. "This is about whether our public lands continue to stay in public hands, whether we can fish in our streams and rivers, or we're going to elect somebody that has actually sued to end stream access. This is about our public education systems. Montana has record graduation rates, we've made record investments, so the last thing we need to do is dismantle and denigrate our public education systems."

Bullock went on to emphasize his vision for Montana's future, as opposed to one led by his Republican opponent, Bozeman businessman Greg Gianforte.

"This is candidly about what Montana's going to look like, not just this year, but in the generations to come," he continued. "I'm not a millionaire," he said, to light laughter from the crowd of volunteers, mostly young people. "I actually rely on you all. I rely o you because Montana still is the state where people talking to people is what wins elections."

Bullock encouraged the volunteers to talk to friends, family and neighbors about voting Democratic in November.

"I don't want to wake up 120 days from now and say 'if only we'd done a little bit more'," he said.

The campaign headquarters is at the corner of Main and Orange Streets, across the street from KECI television.


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