Montana Governor Steve Bullock’s Wednesday press conference featured comments on how to successfully hold a wedding in these COVID times, as well as introducing a COVID 19 patient in her 20’s.

Bullock touted the wedding facility in the Billings Depot.

“They have a touchless temperature check system in place for everyone that comes in,” began Bullock. “Masks are required for all guests and all workers. They work closely with the vendors prior to and during the event from the caterer to the DJ, to make sure that everyone plays by the same rules with the enforcement of safe sanitation practices and social distancing.”

Bullock continued with his description of how this venue creates a safe space for weddings.

“What I guess really struck me during this visit was how the Billings Depot encourages couples to select their venue for weddings,” he said. “They know that if they aren’t there to do the job safely, then instead the couple may just choose to have the wedding in their back yard and no follow any of those protocols to keep people safe. Couples, too, choose the venue because they know it’s safe and they want to keep their loved ones safe, as well.”


Governor Bullock then introduced 23 year-old Catie Gondiero, who is currently recovering from her case of COVID 19.

“The symptoms started with chest pressure, fatigue, and I was just feeling tired all the time,” said Gondiero. “This progressed into fevers, body aches, loss of appetite, loss of smell and then at its peak, I was experiencing all the symptoms at once.”

I have noticed a lot of neurological symptoms. I am forgetting things a lot. I'm just not super functional and my mind feels constantly clouded.

In addition to the physical symptoms, Gondiero described how the virus has affected her mentally.

“I have noticed a lot of neurological symptoms that I didn’t know would be a thing,” she said. “I am forgetting things a lot, I’m just not super functional and my mind feels constantly clouded. People say you just get the flu and get over it, and it’s no worse than a bad cold, but it’s much more serious than that.”

Governor Bullock also provided an update on the new positive cases in the state, as well as an update on testing.

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