The Better Business Bureau, based in Spokane, Washington is warning of a travel club scheme currently targeting the Billings area, but could be moving westward towards Missoula.

Director of Communications Chelsea McGuire said "tons of people in the Billings area are receiving letters saying the recipients had won two airline tickets, and that the person sending the letter wrote that if they did not act immediately, their tickets would be forfeited. Many in the area responded and were told to come to a meeting at a local hotel to purchase a travel package for a lot of money where you would receive discounts on travel."

McGuire said "we have not been able to determine if the people who have signed up have actually received any real travel discounts.One couple signed a contract and paid over $7,000 to this company, but we don't have any information about whether or not the company is going to make good on their contract."

McGuire says the company initially involved is called "Vacation Smart International". She said, " when we contacted the number on the letter, another business called 'Travel Awards Division' answered the phone."

Contact the Better Business Bureau at their website, or call their number direct in Spokane at 509-455-4200.

Director of Communications Chelsea McGuire