The Better Business Bureau received over 2,100 scam reports in the northwest during 2016 on its “Scam Tracker” web reporting service, Bureau Spokesman Dan Buchta explains.

“People use ‘Scam Tracker’ for two purposes,” said Buchta. “They use it to investigate scams if they get a suspicious phone call or if somebody funny comes to their door and they are not quite sure if they should trust that person. They also use it to report scams so they can help other Montanans be warned about the different types of scams that are out there.”

Certain scams were called in with much greater frequency than others.

“The top one is debt collection scams and then if I go right down the list we have fake invoice scams, sweepstakes or lottery scams, tax collection scams, employment scams, tech support scams, or ransomware scams, fishing scams, and government grant scams,” Buchta said.

To view common scams in Montana or to report a scam, listeners can do so by going to the Better Business Bureau website.

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