So, you think you've got tickets to the NCAA tournament game, hotel room and transportation...Craigslist, right? The Better Business Bureau is warning of scam artists just waiting to take your money.

Chelsea McGuire is the director of communications at the Better Business Bureau office in Spokane. With the Griz and Lady Griz both headed to the big dance, fans want to make sure they get tickets and other necessities legitimately. McGuire warns that Craigslist can be a hotbed of scammers.

She advises that consumers use familiar websites and travel sources when booking your trip to San Jose to the the Grizzlies or Spokane for the Lady Griz. She says to always use a credit card when paying, because the credit card company will help in getting your money back. Not so when you send cash or a personal check.

She said to also be careful when following sports websites that carry the games and score updates, because hackers can infect your computer or smartphone with malware or other unwanted popups or viruses.

She said for more details to visit the Better Business Bureau website.

Chelsea McGuire with the Better Business Bureau