Billings native and Lady Griz Alumnus Jace Henderson is making her way up the ranks in Division I basketball.

Henderson was named Director of Player Personnel, Development & Influence with the Nebraska Cornhuskers Women's Basketball program. The University announced last week. The new position makes for a long business card, and we had to clarify what she manages in her new role.

"It's a little bit lengthy for a title... It involves a lot of recruiting and a lot of the official and unofficial visits on campus," explained Henderson. "Then the development piece is a lot to do with the on-court stuff, getting to break down film... Then the 'influence' is gonna be more in the NIL sector, working with our players, building their brand and helping be their team in NIL."

What's it like working in NIL from a coach/university perspective?

You can't have a conversation about college athletics recruiting without touching on NIL since NIL was established in 2021. NIL is still in its infancy and I was curious how difficult it was to cultivate an NIL program like Henderson is working on.

"I think everybody has their challenges a little bit in NIL," said Henderson. "But I think we're fortunate enough here at Nebraska that people love women's basketball here. It's something that I felt grateful that I came from a program (Montana Lady Griz) that had that as a player."

Jace in the Lady Griz record books

Henderson tore it up as a player of the Montana Lady Griz from 2015-2019. The Billings native stamped her impact all over the Lady Griz record books. She is top 10 in all-time field goal percentage, recorded the second-highest field goal percentage in a single season and was named to the '18-'19 All-Big Sky Conference teams. How does she remember her time as a Lady Griz?

Griz TV 2018-2019 Hype Video via Youtube
Griz TV 2018-2019 Hype Video via Youtube

"I was fortunate enough, my first season to play for Robin Selvig," expressed Henderson. "So grateful to be a part of a program that he had such a huge impact on. I think of what he's done for women's athletics in Montana."

The memories and warm feelings go beyond the legendary head coach, too.

"The other thing I always think about is this is a special family. I have friends that are former Lady Griz who played in the 90s and played in the 80s. They just taught me really beautiful life lessons. I just love that I felt that celebration and empowerment from the former Lady Griz."

One thing she never accomplished at Montana: hitting a 3-pointer.

"Honestly, though what's more embarrassing than that stat I went 1-11 from the free throw line in a game, and yes I'm totally gonna put that out there," joked Henderson. "You can give me crap all you want, Ace. I got thick skin."

It was uncalled for to bring it up... I'm sorry Jace!

Montana to Nebraska

The contrast between mountainous Western Montana and the plains of Nebraska is stark, but Jace felt at home when she moved to Lincoln two years ago.

"I'm from Billings, Montana growing up so I feel like the flat land is a little more normal for me," said Henderson. "I'm just a big believer in the people you're around every day is the most important, the people make the place. So that's been a big piece of why Nebraska has been the right fit for me."

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A Lady Griz basketball game is one of the best scenes in women's college basketball but Nebraska is up there as well. Last season, the Cornhuskers shattered an attendance record in a January game VS the rival Iowa Hawkeyes. A grand total of 13,843 people showed up for the game according to

It was by far the largest crowd Henderson's ever been a part of.

We wish Jace and the Huskers the best of luck this coming season.

Listen below for the full interview with Jace Henderson.

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