Bears are still causing problems in some Missoula neighborhoods.

Information and Education Manager for Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, Vivaca Crowser, said residents must continue to be cautious and take precautions against wildlife damage.

"The problems with bears really haven't abated at all," Crowser said. "We're getting lots of reports of bears in neighborhoods getting into attractants like garbage cans and finding the fruit on the trees.We haven't had much trouble with mountain lions, even though game is still plentiful down the the riverbanks."

Crowser said homeowners need to continue removing attractants for wildlife.

"People need to continue to be cautious on the roadways and at the wildlife crossings, and to make sure that yards are cleaned up so that bears aren't lured in," she said. "Be wary when you're out and about. Animals are really active eating right now storing up for the winter."

Crowser said to report a bear or mountain lion sighting, or to stay up to date on predator sightings, visit Missoula Bears dot org. 

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