UPDATE 1:00 p.m. Monday, October 14

Missoula School District One officials notified parents in the Cold Springs School area that someone in the area had spotted three mountain lions in the Arcadia Street area, not far from the school. Director of Technology and Communications Hatton Littman said Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks was notified.

"We coordinated with Fish, Wildlife and Parks this morning that we received this information from a parent, and they confirmed that they had also received several sightings," Littman said. "There's a gentleman named Bob Weisner who is in the area tracking the mountain lions with a couple of dogs, but we haven't heard anything yet this afternoon if they've identified or captured the animals."

Littman said MCPS followed policy regarding the sightings of the animals near a school.

"We notify our operations and maintenance director at the school and identify any possible safety issues near the school," Littman said. "Then we notify parents so that they can make any appropriate decisions on picking up their children at the bus stop. We've been letting parents know for weeks that there are bears and mountain lions moving through our corridors right now. It's the nature of the season."

MCPS Director of Technology and Communications Hatton Littman

Three mountain lions were spotted by some homeowners in the Upper Miller Creek area on Sunday night. Corporal Mat Kazinsky with the Missoula Police Department said the call came in at about 10 p.m.

"Two separate complainants called in and said they saw three mountain lions in the 2600 block of Arcadia Drive, which is close to Gharrett Street," Kazinsky said."Officers responded to the area, but we were unable to find the mountain lions. We did call Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and notified them."

According to the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks website Missoula Bears dot org, there have been several mountain lion sightings in the Miller Creek area in the past few weeks. It states that the agency is actively trying to remove at least one mountain lion that has been spotted near homes in the area.

Corporal Matt Kazinsky


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