It's become a regular occurrence to hear reports of bears on campus or in Missoula (and no I'm not talking about Monte the mascot). It happened again yesterday, September 26, when the University of Montana Alert System sent an email warning faculty, staff and students of bears on campus.

On Tuesday, September 26, 2023, at approximately 11:28am UMPD received a report of a mother bear and two cubs by the dog park near the footbridge. UMPD Officers are monitoring their movement in the area. Fish and Game Officers are responding to assist with this effort. Please stay observant and keep clear of the area.

It was a mama bear and her two cubs strolling along the Clark Fork River Bed near the Madison Street Bridge. There is absolutely zero confirmation that this family of bears is the same as the ones spotted at the Bonnie Raitt concert, but I like to think it is. One day the family of bears is taking in a great show at Kettlehouse Amphitheater, the next they're going to school to earn a bear education. That's the story I've created in my head at least.


Regardless, the three bears were spotted and also caught on camera by Montana Assistant Director of Communications Jackson Wagner. Despite the UMPD alert imploring people to clear the area, Wagner risked his life to film the bears.

Fortunately, no further reports surfaced, so hopefully they passed through and went on their way. Last note, I have to share a couple of funny replies to Wagner's video.


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