This past weekend I attended a writer’s conference. In one of the classes that I attended, the author spoke about how everything a writer writes is important. I have to say, that I didn’t totally buy that, until today. The past year I have been blogging regularly and had considered it more of something I do for fun and a way for me to be creative, than as a way to reach people. However, today changed my opinion of blogging, and now I have bought the speaker’s words hook, line and sinker.

Today, a reader who read a previous blog of mine on fly fishing enjoyed it so much that they emailed me to ask my opinion about schools in Missoula and another Montana town. This reader is considering moving back to Montana and wanted information on the schools and towns.

I have to admit that I was shocked and flattered that the reader would want, or even care, about my opinion, as I consider myself to be a normal, everyday person. Perhaps, that is why the reader wanted my opinion. Who better to answer these questions than an average Jane from Montana?

I did my best to answer the reader’s questions as honestly as I could. I hope I didn’t let them down, as I dearly wanted to help them. I even gave them a little fishing tip as a thank you too.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of The University of Montana, animal lover and writer.

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