Nearly 1,000 homes in Ravalli County are now under a stage one or stage two evacuation advisory. According to Ravalli County Undersheriff Steve Holton, both evacuation types expanded today, August 2.

"Everything from Owings Crick west of Westside Road is the boundary, north to Wyant Lane is now under a stage two evacuation," Holton said. "Previously they were under a warning of stage one, but now they are under a stage two which is the request to actually evacuate the area."

Ravalli County Deputies went out to deliver an estimated 300 stage one evacuation notices as well through the day today in expectation of strong winds this afternoon and evening.

"The Stage Ones expanded today from Wyant Lane north all the way to Blodgett Camp Road, and everything west of that to include Canyon Crick and Canyon Crick Drive, Holton said. Again, Stage One is the warning and really what the warning is saying is that there is a real possibility that there could be a need to evacuate. It's to give people more time to get things together."

Holton says residents in about 20 to 30 homes signed a waiver refusing to evacuate and that law enforcement and firefighters are taking note of who remains in the area in case the worst should happen.