The recent uproar over Pastor Charles Worsley's plan to "get rid of all the lesbians and queers" is absolutely justified. The plan involves using a 100 mile electrified fence to keep homosexuals in a contained area. "In a few years," says Worsley "they'll die out because they can't reproduce." In the clip below, you can see the sermon for yourself.

Worsley obviously has no idea about how homosexuality works. Even if he were able to get his idiotic plan through Congress, there would still be more homosexual individuals in the future. Worsley is clearly ignorant, but at the same time, the uproar over his statements (and some of the silence) is just as ignorant.

First, let's start with the outrage. There's a reason a pastor in a fairly small church in North Carolina is making national headlines: Worsley fulfills many people's stereotypes of what motivates Christians and conservatives when it comes to the issue of homosexuality in society and politics. I'm throwing politics into the mix here, because Worsley mentions Obama as a "baby killer and homosexual lover" in the sermon. Worsley is not the rule, he is the exception to the rule. Labeling Christians and conservatives with Worsley's statements is just as stupid as labeling all Occupy Wall Street protesters as terrorists. Worsley has a very particular ideology that doesn't extend very far outside of the doors of his own church.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, is the problem of perceived silence on the right. There should be no discomfort for Christians or conservatives in denouncing Worsley's statements. In fact, this example of idiocy just might help the nation speak to itself a little better if more people from the right are willing to speak out against Worsley and break some of the stereotypes. One of the signs of a strong movement is the ability of that movement to speak in a unified voice. There is nothing unifying about Worsley's message, so here's hoping the right can get its act together and police itself.

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