The Missoula County Attorney’s Office filed 17 new criminal complaints this past week. According to County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, there were several cases that involved violence.

“In one, three counts of stalking were charged,” Pabst said. “The victim was the defendant’s ex-girlfriend. In another, the defendant allegedly slapped and bit her mother. There was also a case that involved aggravated burglary and partner or family member assault.”

Pabst described that particular case.

“The defendant allegedly broke through a window of his ex-girlfriend’s bedroom,” Pabst said. “They engaged in a verbal argument, which became violent. He allegedly back handed her, gave her a fat lip and pulled her hair. They eventually ended up leaving in a car. While driving, the defendant became agitated again and the victim jumped out of a moving vehicle to get away. He then allegedly chased her through traffic on Russell street.”

Pabst says a handful of different witnesses called 911 and she thanked them for taking the time to do so. One witness said the victim in that case looked deathly afraid. Pabst says her office also charged three theft cases.

“One involved two young suspects that allegedly broke into the Osprey stadium and then took some baseball items,” Pabst said. “There was another case in which the defendant was observed on surveillance video stealing an extremely high-end bike from a casino. Then there was a criminal mischief and obstructing case in which the defendant was throwing rocks and breaking windows downtown.”

In addition, Pabst says there were two DUI cases and four drug cases.

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