Peter Christian here...I've been encouraged by the management here at KGVO to share this very sweet card I just received from a listener. Here is the text of the message.. 'Peter..Just a note to tell you how much you are appreciated on the morning news and on Talk Back.. you are...articulate, kind..never making people feel foolish or put down..intelligent, can speak in an informed way on whatever may come up...humble and polite..knowledgeable, you prepare ahead of time...insightful...good at conflict management..a main of faith..good at multi-tasking..quick and talented at responding to unscheduled events and changes...have a neat sense of humor, laugh easily and often..loyal to your co-workers and those for whom you work..have a pleasant radio voice and manner..are an asset to announcing Griz football's clear that you love God, your wife and children. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us.  Signed Carol ______.

Carol..thank you so much! I am deeply humbled by your kind words, and I will try to live up to them! Peter Christian KGVO Radio