KGVO Radio News anchor, reporter and talk show host Peter Christian has been selected by readers of the Missoulian newspaper as one of the top three radio personalities in Missoula for 2015.

Christian received the notice last week that reads, "Congratulations! Your business placed in the top three of Missoula's Choice, the Missoulian's Annual Readers' Choice Awards. Throughout December, Western Montanans voted your business #1, #2, or #3 in one or more categories via online and paper ballots."

KGVO has received word that Aaron Traylor, 'America's Tallest DJ' on Townsquare media's sister-station KENR 107.5-FM has also been selected in the top three. That means two out of the top three radio personalities in Missoula are on Townsquare stations.

Christian said "It's an honor to be in the top three again this year, and thanks so much to all who voted for me."

Christian is joined on the popular Talk Back radio talk show on Newstalk KGVO 1290 AM - 101.5 FM by producer and fellow reporter Jon King.

Christian has also been named Radio Broadcaster of the Year three times, as well as receiving 12 major awards for best newscasts and best news stories from the MBA and the Greater Montana Foundation.

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